The Missing Link Between Your ERP and Your Suppliers

There is lots of manual work in procurement because there is a missing link between your ERP and your suppliers.
Bridge that gap with Axya!

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Modular Source-to-Pay Solution Connected to the Manufacturing Market.

Our source-to-pay technology is optimized for manufacturing.

It’s modular, intuitive and most importantly connected to the market.


What can you do with Axya?

RFQs, POs, Contracts and Payments made easy!

Manage all your RFIs, RFQs and RFPs

Managing your ongoing sourcing project shouldn't be complicated. ❌

With Axya you can easily manage all sourcing events, from single parts to complex requests for projects right in your web browser.

With a few clicks you can easily create your request, send it to your categorized suppliers, and monitor the status within our intuitive tracking system.

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Track all your order status with live updates from your suppliers

With Axya, you can track all of the POs in one place and reduce the chance of critical parts slipping through.

You can set up automation to automatically follow up at a set date, get notified of status updates by your suppliers and even manage the shipping date change on a part-level basis.

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Sync your contract information on your supplier list

Sync your contract information to your existing supplier list and easily visualize the contractual information in context with your sourcing activity.

Get notified of renewals and keep all new information up to date.

This avoids contracts expiring without anyone noticing, putting your team in a difficult negotiation position.

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Pay any suppliers through Axya's Payment system

Onboarding new suppliers in your own financial system can be a difficult process not totally aligned with the urgency of a sourcing activity.

Axya allows you to easily pay any new suppliers by acting as the intermediary.

This allows your project managers to fulfill their urgent requests, make their projects move forward, and help discover the hidden gem in your local market!

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Instantly Connect With All Your Suppliers

Your suppliers get a free tool that helps them prioritize work in an easily accessible interface (they don’t need to create passwords and accounts for any new tools!). Our email-first approach to supplier experience also guarantees you a 100% adoption rate as we never disrupt suppliers' operations.

What Our Customers Say

From Project Managers to Strategic Buyers, our customers were able to resolve critical supply
chain problems and stay on top of their operational work!

An Agile Enterprise Requires a Connected Procurement Operation.

See how our solution can give your team more room to breathe starting now.

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