A procurement software for increased efficiency and sourcing management

Axya offers a flexible procurement software solution to enable manufacturing businesses to increase their speed and efficiency in their processes as well as gathering insightful data on their activities.

Axya is a flexible SaaS procurement platform that can be seamlessly integrated into your systems to reduce the time spent managing requests for quotations and suppliers and to centralize all information in one place for easy access in the future.


Need more functionality? Don’t worry, our procurement software has several features such as a marketplace platform that gives you access to over 350 qualified suppliers if needed.


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Save time and make your RFQ management more efficient


Synchronize data with other platforms


Access data that was previously impossible to collect

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Success Stories

What They Say About Us

Before the Axya revolution, we had to manually find all the suppliers able to meet our complex needs. The most important point in my opinion is the simplicity with a few clicks of launching a tender. This formula saves time and money and finds qualified and verified suppliers. Great job to the entire Axya team.

Sébastien Giguère
Managing Director at Conception BHIND

I am not done working with you. I really like your platform and the upcoming changes sound promising.

Alexandre Houle
Project manager industrial engineering, Logistics at BRP

Had we seen this before, we would have processed all our pieces that way!

Production Director at Vention

We had urgent needs. Axya helped us receive a quotation very fast, and enter a contract in less than two and a half hours. It was exactly what we needed.

Martin Leduc
Foreman at Eagle Hydraulic


Axya is not a supplier. Our main mission is to put the buyer and the supplier in contact quickly and efficiently. Once you enter the contract, we are no longer involved in the following steps. However, our team always remains available if you need more support with managing production or payment for example. We invite you to check out our premium service to learn more about our other services.

We recommend you watch this short video on the procedure to be followed.

You can find the various steps for using our platform on our product.

We suggest contacting Keven Minier, Sales Account Manager at Axya. He will be able to provide you with a free live demo of our platform.

keven@axya.co | 581-235- 1606

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Are you a supplier?

Increase your sales

By getting access to the RFQs of over 300 buyers.

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Optimize your machine time

By sending a quotation only when your production calendar allows it.

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Become more competitive

By viewing the performance reports for each of your quotations.

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A Procurement Software for increased efficiency