A Procurement SaaS for Increased Efficiency

Axya is a software solution (SaaS) that enables procurement teams and suppliers to be more efficient throughout the RFQ process.

Supply Chain Management Can Be Truly Challenging

For years, organizations have struggled to gather information in order to be ahead of supply chain disruptions. However, in recent days the manufacturing industry has been put under high pressure to modernize and digitize its activities to stay competitive.

It is now critical to develop the ability to anticipate when and where issues will happen and take appropriate steps to keep the organization running.

Buyers & Suppliers

Our Solutions

We offer innovative and simple solutions for both buyers and suppliers to manage the procurement process.
We integrate smoothly with your own processes and systems.

key benefits

Increased Efficiency and Visibility

Ready-to-deploy Solution

Teams are onboard on Axya and ready to manage their RFQ process within a few days.

Data-driven Decision Making

Access relevant KPIs to measure success.

Save Time

On your RFQ cycle and on the daily operational tasks.

our playground

Axya has developed an expertise in the following manufacturing sectors


Designed for high volume procurement activities and innovative R&D processes that require frequent new parts.


A solution adapted to the complex and numerous RFQ process


To help teams gather visibility on their suppliers.

step up

Automation at your fingertips

Streamline your sourcing process, save time and gain visibility on your supply chain.

“ It is a beautiful success so far! I like the fact that our project managers and suppliers like the Axya solution. ”
Engineering Director
Aerospace Industry

Manage your sourcing process more efficiently than ever before

Axya helps manufacturers streamline, automate and 10x their sourcing process. Outsource with ease to an unlimited number of suppliers and get your quotes in record time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Axya is not a supplier. We are an e-procurement software company that buyers use to streamline their RFQ process. Rather than sending quote requests through multiple emails, we allow buyers to upload their own supplier info, upload their RFQ data, and then send their RFQ to as many of their suppliers as they see fit with a single click. The quotes received are digitized in our centralized platform, eliminating the need to work out of excel sheets. We also have our own network of suppliers for buyers to explore. Check out our Solutions Page to know more!

The different stages of the process are on our Solutions page. On this page, you will be able to select and see information about either buyers' or suppliers' solutions.

Yes, we follow recommended best practices to secure your information. We use multiple defence layers consisting of a robust authentication system so that information is accessed only by authorized personnel, encrypt data be it in transit or rest, use a firewall (WAF) to filter malicious requests, limit access to the critical ports, scheduled server patching, monitor crucial aspects to detect threats, etc. Our Security page can help you know more about security at Axya.