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Hyco Canada: Pioneering Excellence in Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Through Innovation and Collaboration

By Elsa Souchet | Apr 18, 2024

A titan in the realm of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, Hyco Canada boasts a seventy-year legacy as one of the world’s most prominent providers of these specialized components. The company is relentlessly dedicated to innovation, quality and increasing customer value-- values that have played a large role in its leading global reputation.

As part of the Hyco International group, Hyco Canada benefits from a global network of expertise, resources, and capabilities that enable the company to deliver cutting-edge solutions to customers across continents. In 2017, the company was taken over by the Montanhydraulik group-- further increasing Hyco Canada’s global reach and solidifying the group’s place in a network of international manufacturing excellence.

Customizing the hydraulic cylinder

Hyco Canada’s specialization lies in the development and production of rod and telescopic cylinders. With a wide array of applications, these cylinders play an integral role in diverse machinery and equipment across industries such as waste disposal, industrial equipment, mobile cranes, oil and gas, and more.

Rotary joint for Industrial Applications

Example: Rotary joint for Industrial Applications

The company offers customers comprehensive solutions all the way from design to delivery. Leveraging decades of experience and the resources and expertise of their international network, Hyco Canada provides a one-stop shop for hydraulic cylinder solutions-- ensuring seamless coordination and efficiency for customers dealing with other complex supply chains.

The team’s success lies in its ability to tailor the hydraulic cylinder to meet the unique requirements of each customer and industry. Whether it’s designing cylinders for offshore oil platforms, industrial cranes, mining equipment or marine applications, Hyco Canada’s engineering excellence ensures optimal performance and reliability in every cylinder produced.

A commitment to quality and compliance

At Hyco Canada, quality is not just a priority-- it’s a fundamental principle embedded in every aspect of the company’s operations. The company’s quality management standards are certified under ISO 9001:2000 standards, a testament to the team’s strict adherence to quality control measures and dedication to continuous improvement practices.

Moreover, Hyco Canada’s cylinders are designed in accordance with industry-specific standards such as ABS, API, and DNV-- further showcasing a company-wide focus on meeting regulatory requirements in all industries.

Riser tensioner with accumulator (compensation cylinder with accumulator) for Oil and Gas

Example: Riser tensioner with accumulator (compensation cylinder with accumulator) for Oil and Gas

At the intersection of engineering excellence and customer collaboration

Hyco Canada attributes a large part of the company’s success to the relentless dedication of its teams of engineers and professionals. These teams are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the name of excellence and customer satisfaction. By collaborating closely with customers throughout the design and production process, the company ensures that each cylinder meets or exceeds customer expectations for quality, performance and value.

Serge Melanćon, Hyco Canada’s Purchasing Coordinator leads the procurement department at the company’s headquarters in St-Wensclas, Quebec. Despite the numerous responsibilities that procurement professionals often have to juggle, Serge has managed to create an energizing environment for his team by leveraging experience, knowledge and a passion for innovation.

Serge and the Axya team

Serge and the Axya team

The transformative potential of innovative solutions

With an eye for opportunities to innovate, Serge sought out a way to streamline the complexities involved with the multifaceted responsibilities of his procurement team. Tasked with purchasing parts of various specifications for multiple industries, coordinating supply chain operations for several regions and maintaining stringent quality standards on top of all this, Serge decided to give Axya a try.

Axya Strategic Sourcing Module

The Axya Strategic Sourcing Module allows procurement professional to follow their procurement activity. This image shows no actual confidential information and is for illustrative purposes only.

Soon, Hyco Canada was able to structure the RFQ processes from three company departments-- procurement, engineering and sales-- in one centralized location. This ensured that all requests were readily available to any stakeholder involved in the procurement process. With several key players involved in the procurement process, Axya helped the team to keep up-to-date on all activities and keep track of data that informs the team of areas for future improvement.


Example of 4 KPIs that we can track within the platform: supplier engagement, time to respond, status of request, and response amount for suppliers. This image shows no actual confidential information and is for illustrative purposes only.

Axya has also enabled Hyco Canada to keep track of the cost evolution of critical components over time-- thus enabling the team to improve overall supply chain visibility and optimize inventory management. In turn, the team can now use this freed-up time to focus on creating personalized customer experiences and increasing customer value with each new project.

Embracing a Future of Endless Innovation

With Axya’s support, Hyco Canada has been able to improve cross-departmental communication and simplify the management of their global supply chain. Through this streamlined solution, they can also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements while collecting important data for future projects.

Axya is ready to support the Hyco Canada team in their journey towards growth and success-- ensuring that quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction remain the cornerstones of Hyco’s operations for decades to come.

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