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Whether you are looking for passive business development or are actively looking to reach out to new customers, we have the right tools and audience to make this search simpler. You can either do passive business development with a free account to get discovered or actively with a premium account to signal to customers that you are open to new business.

Create your manufacturer profile within 5 minutes and define how you want to be found in the directory.

The more information you put in your profile the more accurately you will be indexed in the search results. If you are opted-in for a premium profile, you will be flagged as available for business and climb up in the search listing. All profiles whether free or premium are searchable within the search result.

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Quote on exclusive RFQs

Exclusive RFQs that match your capacity

Browse the available RFQs with all the necessary information to quote effectively laid out in an easy-to-understand format. With our transparent RFQ system, you are able to see directly who is the buyer behind the RFQ and you can always reach out to them for more information about the jobs. When you are ready, send out the quote and you will get notified via email of the result every time.

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Get Competitiveness Report

Know where you stand in the market on a job-by-job basis

By quoting on the Axya RFQ system, you will have access to an anonymized competitiveness report about where you stand in the market on a job-by-job basis. No more guesswork on how well you did on pricing, lead time, or other relevant metrics. You will get the right information to optimize your operations and your business development outreach.

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View which company is looking at your profile

Accurate analytics that you can't find elsewhere

You don’t need to wait for a Request to be sent out before doing business development initiatives. With the premium profile you can see which company viewed your profile, how many time, and whether or not you were shortlisted in their supplier list. This live information allows you to create the right connection at the right time with new business partners.

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Target interested companies for connection

Proactive business development

If you already know which type of company you want to work with, you can browse the list of manufacturing companies and register your interest to connect. By looking at their previously published RFQs, you can evaluate whether or not their projects align with your business. Our business development team will be able to help you reach the right contact to put you in touch.

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Our Customers Love Axya

Large and small businesses optimize their procurement process using Axya.

Case Studies

See how Axya helped these companies achieve their goals.

Vention has been able to establish long-term relationships with several Quebec-based manufacturers located minutes away from their headquarters. Had we seen this finish before, we would have treated all our parts like that!

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Supply Chain Director


"We had urgent needs. Axya enabled us to receive quotes very rapidly and close a contract in less than two and a half hours," says Martin Leduc, a foreman at Eagle Hydraulic. "This is exactly what we needed.”

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Martin Leduc

Foreman at Eagle Hydraulic

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