Axya + Genius ERP

Axya Announces New Partnership with Genius ERP to Elevate Procurement Operations for Manufacturers.

Axya is Integrated with Genius ERP

We are excited to announce our partnership with Genius ERP to streamline how manufacturing companies manage their supply chain! This ERP partnership will allows current users of Genius to have a seamless integration between Axya RFQ or PO management system and their Genius ERP system.

Genius ERP is a comprehensive manufacturing software solution that includes software, implementation services, and field expertise for small to mid-sized custom manufacturers. For over 30 years, Genius ERP has been the trusted choice for engineer-to-order, custom-to-order, and make-to-order manufacturers.

Hear it from their customer Motrec which Genius ERP helped them to improve their inventory, purchasing and engineering processes.

Genius ERP is specialized in building software for the high-mix low volume manufacturers with the precise objective of increasing throughput and growing revenue.

More information on how Genius work with their customers throughout their digital journey.

With a vast array of functionality, the Genius ERP software is a solid choice for manufacturers looking to have a strong data foundation:

⦾ Estimating & Job Costing
⦾ CAD-to-BOM Interface
⦾ Project Management
⦾ Purchasing Management
⦾ Production Planning
⦾ Manufacturing Execution
⦾ Document Management
⦾ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
⦾ Reports/Dashboards/Alerts

By leveraging Genius ERP existing robust purchasing functionalities and augmenting them with Axya’s flexible solution, Genius ERP customers are now able to have end-to-end visibility on their supply chain operations.

You can watch here our co-founder Nicolas Gauthier and Jean Magny president of Genius Solution discussing - Comment aborder la transformation numérique chez les entreprises manufacturières.

The Importance of Accurate Supply Chain Information

Manufacturing is a fast-paced environment for procurement and purchasing teams. The operations are ever ongoing, there are always purchase orders (PO) or requests for quotations (RFQ) to send out to the supplier base. Yet, in our disruption-prone environment, many things can go wrong. Emails could have been missed, a supplier might not have capacity anymore, and shipment might be delayed because of a change in route.

A single order missing when it shouldn’t put the whole manufacturing operation to a halt.

In order to manage this high volume and high-risk environment, proper tooling needs to be put in place to offer complete visibility of purchasing activities.

This is why we are joining force with Genius ERP!

With this partnership, Genius ERP customers will be able to:

  1. Get complete visibility on the status of their purchase order by being connected directly to all their suppliers.

  2. Keep their ERP data up-to-date in real-time with the latest changes in their supply chain.

  3. Leverage the latest procurement technology to follow up automatically, modify their purchase order, and get recommendations on the go.

All while keeping a solid connection to the rest of the business thanks to Genius ERP's robust technology. This will allow the purchasing team to handle more volume, with less risk and with higher upside for the business.

Genius ERP and Axya

We are super proud to be partnering up with the Genius team. By partnering with a robust ERP system for a manufacturer that has proved its mark, it allows our customers to get even more of their two systems designed for increased productivity.

If you are an Axya customer and are looking for a proper ERP system, you should check out Genius ERP solution for your manufacturing plant.

PS: To learn more about Genius ERP and the evolution that took place in this space, check out this podcast episode we did with Benoît Van de Velde!

More information on the announcement: Reduce Supply Chain Risk: Genius ERP Announces New Partnership With Axya

To get a full tour of the Genius ERP system, you can check out their virtual tour.