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No, Axya is not an ERP system. It will not replace your SAP, Infor, or Genius infrastructure.

It will augment it.

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ERPs are designed to digitize the data flow within a company across a wide range of functions and departments. It can do a lot.

Where an ERP has trouble, especially in manufacturing, is handling the exchange of information between your systems and your suppliers systems.

This is why your emails are all clogged, that you have 72 different excel spreadsheets and spend too much time on data entry.

Axya simplifies this exchange of information and feeds that supplier generated data back into your system… automatically!

Data Configuration

Axya is a flexible solution that adapts easily to different workflow and data formats. Every manufacturer is different, so is their data.

Even if you don’t have an ERP system, or you cannot do an integration, our powerful import and export system allows you to get the right data inside Axya and get the right structured data back into your system.

You can easily configure everything from the information that you want to send to your suppliers, the way the quotes should be filled up, and the meta information on the parts.

ERP Integration Plan

The typical integration plan starts with a 2-3 month mapping with one typical user. During these months we validate the following point:

  1. The value proposition. Meaning that if you aren’t satisfied with the solution during these months, there is no costly integration to rip out.
  2. The preferred workflow of the typical user. This way we know what makes sense for your business and which ERP data sources are used by Axya.

  3. The in and out data flow between Axya and your ERP. With our out-of-the-box import and export system, we will be able to map exactly what needs to go in and out of Axya without disrupting your IT team.

At the end of this mapping period, your IT team will be provided with all the necessary documentation for a successful integration with the precise information that needs to synchronize.

All of this with the business impact it represents with clear ROI data.


Axya’s API is built for integration and allows developers to build custom integrations that work with their favorite tool.

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