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Auto-save RFQ drafting, AMQ Integration, Supplier On-Boarding automation, Part Import and much more!

Release notes is a bi-weekly update to share recent product changes we have made to keep you up to date on what’s new.

This release includes 
Autosaving drafts for RFQ, bulk part import for Enterprise clients, and some great news for manufacturers associations wanting to give more business to their members!

By Yacine Mahdid | Sep 21, 2022

Welcome back to another edition of the release notes!

We know it's been two weeks in a row, but we should get back to a bi-monthly cadence in the next few ones!

Don't hesitate to chat with us if you have any questions about the features via (or anything else procurement related)!


In this release, the three main highlights are the autosaving draft, the bulk imports of parts, and some great new features for associations of manufacturers that want to increase business with their members.

Prepare your RFQ at your own pace with autosaving drafts!

A well-crafted RFQ is essential to a smooth and efficient process with your suppliers. As a buyer, when you prepare your RFQ and gather requirements from stakeholders, you now have the flexibility to jump in and out of your RFQ at your pace, have a colleague look over your request, and prepare your list of vendors before dropping the RFQ!

Autosave RFQ Draft - Watch Video

A very useful feature when team collaboration is needed, we will be rolling this out gradually to all users!

[Enterprise] Part import functionality for big part lists

Whether your part list is already on your ERP or you need to create a new list of 10 or more parts, creating them manually simply won’t cut it. This is why we have given some love to our import feature to have an unlimited number of parts to be created in the same time that it takes to create a few parts manually. This feature is only available to enterprise customers but we are bringing the functionality to our standard workspace very soon!

Importing parts is now blazing fast and you can focus on procuring the parts!

...And Much More!

Our team is always on the lookout to make the product we are providing as high quality as the parts we help build! 

  • Load time Contracts page in seconds when the list of contracts gets large.
  • Improved tracking of the email delivered from our platform to our users.
  • Even more polishing on the supplier grouping feature was added.
  • Various bug fixes on the RFQ flow

We are also in the later stage of experimental features that allow manufacturing associations to stream RFQ from their website to their member using Axya technology! More on this in future release notes!

Special request creation flow for association

✨ Customer Team Comment 💪

This release comment is from our Operations Specialist Arina Turovskaya:

I am always excited about new releases from our product team, since I am closely working with the clients and the platform itself, I can observe how it makes the client's workflow easier and faster.

The autosave RFQ drafting makes the RFQ creation process even more user-friendly with the adaptation to the modern fast-paced schedule. We can be interrupted by calls or any urgent situation we need to take care about and it is always a pain when you are back to your work and figuring out that nothing was saved. With the autosave RFQ drafting the users and Customer Care team don’t need to worry about it anymore.

With one of the latest supplier grouping feature and onboarding automation, buyers can create different groups according to the supplier’s location, expertise or any other category they would like to have. When there are a big volume and more than 100 ASL in the system it is hard to find and target needed suppliers for the RFQ. Thanks to supplier grouping, the supplier’s can be grouped and easily accessed by needed category, as all groups are centralized in one place, which again saves a lot of time and helps to avoid mistakes with targeting supplier with the wrong expertise.

Arina Turovskaya


If you aren't a customer already, don't hesitate to sign up for a free account to get access to:

  1. 4000+ suppliers in a powerful search engine (ideal for sourcing)
  2. Some free RFQ to send to your suppliers or a new one you find on the platform.

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See you next in the next release! 👋

Yacine Mahdid

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