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More Flexible RFQ creation, Suppliers Grouping and Powerful Search!

Release Notes is our bimonthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

This release includes improvements in RFQ creation, supplier grouping, searching and some exciting update on CATIA file extraction!

By Yacine Mahdid | Sep 14, 2022

Welcome to this first edition of the release notes!

We will be sending this bimonthly to keep customers and prospect up to date on how the platform is evolving.

Don't hesitate to chat with us if you have any questions via!


For this update, good improvements have been made to increase the flexibility of how our tool is being used by procurement professionals.

We’ve diversified how a buyer can create an RFQ, added supplier organizing features and search has been improved so that work can get done even faster than before!

Also, we've got an exciting new module that is available for free called the Axya Supplier Directory!

Let's dive into the individual improvements!

Group and Organize your Suppliers

Being able to rapidly target and contact the right supplier for a job is critical for good procurement operations. However, it's not easy to do so with traditional tools like email or excel spreadsheets when multiple suppliers are targeted.

We've improved the supplier's section where you can now create your own custom groups to organize and simplify your vendor selection process during RFQ creation.

Super handy to adapt the platform to your company supplier selection workflow!

Supplier Grouping Feature - Watch Video

This feature can be leveraged in the RFQ creation process, which has been revamped!

RFQ Creation keeps getting better!

Collecting the right information to send an RFQ (i.e. drawing, parts, suppliers' contact info) can be a slow process for complex orders and very redundant work for smaller ones.

We have now improved our RFQ creation workflow so that we can create RFQs faster than before by fetching all of the required information in a smooth flow.

RFQ Creation with Groups! - Watch Video

You can now create your RFQ from the main RFQ page and always stay in context with the rest of the work.

The new flow allows you to search for existing parts or create new ones directly on the RFQ page (same for suppliers).

The grouping features we've discussed earlier can also be leveraged over here to invite clusters of suppliers in one swoop!

4000+ Suppliers Available for Search

We've launched our free tool for industrial companies to find suppliers effortlessly!

Axya Supplier Directory filtering in action!

If you are tired of wasting your time on search engine scouting for suppliers, check out this simple use and visual tool to explore new ones!

The search process is much more streamlined by having:

1. Everything in one place: the data from the suppliers is centralized and managed by them.

2. Fully transparent: you can build a relationship with the supplier straight away by contacting them, we are not a middle man.

3. Exact information: certification, processes, and type of machines are available for you to sort and filter with!

If you are interested in testing out the module head to its official page!

...And So Much More!

We are constantly on the lookout for new improvements and polishing our app:

  • Single sign-in for the Axya procurement platform, supplier directory and the mobile app (coming in the near future).
  • Improved notification in-app and through email.
  • Synchronization of supplier profiles into the search directory.
  • Web optimization for a fast and enjoyable experience on the directory.
  • Bug fixes and aesthetic changes to stay on brand.

🔬 Experimental Zone 👨‍🔬

Take a sneak peek at our advanced research leveraging AI and feature extraction, which fuels future platform improvement!

CATIA files are ubiquitous in the aerospace manufacturing sector. Dealing with them require specialized software, even for something as simple as extracting design notes. This can be problematic if data needs to be extracted manually from each files.

Our research team made some great headway into extracting these design notes from CATIA files in order to speed up the quoting process for suppliers.

The drawings can be read automatically and specific section can be exported to an Excel file. This is great because no specialized software is needed and the feature extractor can process multiple CATIA files in bulk.

Example design notes that can be extracted

Very useful if you are dealing with a huge amount of CATIA files that you need to process manually. 

More information on its commercialization coming soon!

(Congrats Nikita Letov for the work on that front!)

✨ Customer Team Comment 💪

This release comment is from our Operations Analyst Damien Coathalem:

"Supplier Grouping is probably my favourite improvement and I think it could provide high value for some customers who have lists of suppliers for each process. This would allow them to cut the time needed to create an RFQ and reduce friction.

The RFQ Creation Upgrade is really more user-friendly as it allows you to change all parameters of the RFQ way faster than before, it also grants better visibility on the recap. 

For example, before a user could make the mistake when creating an RFQ to “select all parts” but some old parts there could have no RFQ associated with them. Meaning that when thinking you would select 3 parts you would in reality select 30+, this type of mistake is now easily avoided with this new form."


-Damien Coathalem


If you aren't a customer already, don't hesitate to sign up for a free account to get access to:

  1. 4000+ suppliers in a powerful search engine (ideal for sourcing)
  2. 1 free RFQ per month to send to your suppliers or a new one you find on the platform.

Get started over here or email us for more info:

See you next in the next release! 👋

Yacine Mahdid

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