Axya Will Attend the 2022 International Aerospace Innovation Forum by Aéro Montréal

From September 6 to 7 2022, Axya will attend the International Aerospace Innovation Forum by Aéro Montréal to network with innovator in the aerospace sector!

By Yacine Mahdid | Aug 22, 2022

The International Aerospace Innovation Forum by Aéro Montréal

The international Aerospace Innovation forum is a major event in the global aerospace community that promotes innovation and business opportunities for Quebec companies. This event is organized by Aéro Montréal and it is already at its 8th edition!

This sort of in-person meeting is crucial in the current highly challenging business climate especially for the aerospace industry. 

Collaboration will be critical to come up stronger as an industry considering the pandemic put a big sustained strain on the aerospace supply chains since 2020. Yet, even with all the hiccups of the last 2 years, the aerospace supply chains has shown resilience and high potential to innovate itself. 

This forum is the perfect opportunity for Axya to share what it has learned in supporting some of these supply chains amidst one of the most difficult black swan event of this past decade.

This edition will be geared toward meeting the environmental challenge posed in the aerospace sector within the constraint of sustainable growth that promotes diversification and inclusion. With the effect of the pandemic still felt in full force, the business challenges (i.e. labor shortage, supply chain digitalization and risk mitigation) to tackle are ones that will require contribution from highly innovative companies.

Axya will proudly attend and will be in-person at the Palais des congrès de Montréal on September 6 and 7!

Axya in Aerospace

Axya is an e-procurement company that specialized in standardizing and making the procurement workflow more efficient. The clients we work with span multiple industries from aerospace to mining.

However, the result are consistent, more than 90% time saving in operational time and up to 40% cost-reduction per parts sourced.

This is on top of having all of the critical procurement data structured, synced to ERP software and available for analysis automatically.

In the aerospace sector in particular, there is a great use case Axya developed to reduce the RFQ processing time by up to 30%, saving days for each request (read more about why you should track RFQ processing time over here). 

Furthermore, we've reduced the risk of supply chain failure by giving built-in visibility on any request progress. This allows for flexible procurement actions like adding new suppliers or answering critical design questions.

Axya is deeply invested in innovation in the aerospace sector, our team never miss an opportunity to network with researchers and industry thought leaders. For instance, this summer Axya was invited by the Centech to partake in a conversation with Airbus executives about the role of artificial intelligence in their operations and how Axya could help accelerate that digital transformation.

Researchers, Startups and Airbus Executives at Centech

The Axya Delegation

Our delegation at the innovation forum will be composed of our CEO and co-founder Félix Adrien Bélisle Dockrill, our business development representative and co-founder Nicolas Gauthier and our account executive Keven Minier

This will be the perfect time to have impactful business discussion with Axya as our two co-founders have literally built this company from the ground up and our account executive Keven Minier has managed some of the largest aerospace clients we have (from contract negotiation to running the day-to-day operations). 

Our CEO notably worked at Bombardier in supplier quality control where he witnessed first-hand the complexities of dealing with suppliers and managing complex global supply chains.

Félix is an avid airplane traveler too!

Reach out

Whether to see the amazing technological solution we have been brewing or to discuss digital transformation in the aerospace sector, don't hesitate to reach out!

We are in the process of booking meetings with attendee and we will be glad to meet like-minded people excited about the potential of digital innovation in aerospace.

Nicolas and Keven

You can reach out to us via our contact form or directly via LinkedIn to our delegation

See you there! 👋

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