The Benefits of Using New Technologies

What do companies need to do to ensure that they are at the forefront of innovation and technological development? In order to constantly combat challenges that arise, companies must use new technological tools.

By Elsa Souchet | Oct 22, 2020

The Benefits of Using New Technologies

Two of the big challenges for companies today are continuous growth year after year and keeping their processes at the forefront of innovation and technological development. The actions implemented to meet these challenges exist in order to achieve a main goal: to improve logistics processes. To do this, companies must use new technological tools.

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Whatever the economic sector to which they belong, companies can count on technological development to increase their competitiveness and thus strengthen their presence in the market. The manufacturing sector is one of the economic sectors which has benefited greatly from the adoption and implementation of technological tools to stimulate its development.

Today, businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of advances in their industry to improve plans for the modernization, expansion and adoption of mobile technologies. This not only allows them to better respond to their customers, but also to be more competitive, whether at a provincial, national or international level.

During the manufacturing process, two elements, among others, have an important influence on this process. These elements and the benefits they bring emerge when investing in new technological tools. It’s about smart production and inventory control.

Smart production

One of the most important aspects is smart production. It connects a company’s manufacturing processes and resources with each other, much like a network. People, machines, software, products and more are thus connected to each other. This connectivity allows for being proactive where previously it was only possible to be reactive.

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Here are the 4 main benefits of smart production:

· Increased productivity

· Reduction of operating costs

· Increase in general customer satisfaction

· Improving the ability to innovate

Reduction of operating costs

Take the example of a manufacturer who has taken steps to make its production smart. When it comes to the maintenance of his machines, for example, he no longer waits for a breakage to occur before servicing them. Its machines detect themselves when preventive maintenance is required and automatically notify the manufacturer. This element alone allows the manufacturer to benefit from reduced production costs.

Inventory control

Technological tools make it possible to identify the availability and location of each element of the stock in real time. This can dramatically improve the efficiency of a company’s logistics operation, realizing quick profits while providing better service to the end customer.

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Concrete benefit of control

Take this time the example of a manufacturer who receives three orders from different customers, but all require the same alloy, say 6061-T6 aluminum. By having access to their real-time inventory data, the manufacturer is able to know that they have sufficient quantities of said alloy for the production of the first two orders, but insufficient for the order of the third customer. By knowing this and knowing the delivery times of his alloy supplier, he can give the customer a much better idea of ​​how long he can expect to have his parts. This allows it to manage its production much better by avoiding being caught off guard and meeting the expectations of its three customers.


En conclusion, plusieurs technologies sont accessibles aux entreprises qui désirent saisir les opportunités d’amélioration de leurs processus. La compagnie GRAD4 propose, pour les entreprises du secteur manufacturier, une solution qui représente un premier pas vers une plus grande efficacité. Leur plateforme automatise et standardise le processus de sous-traitance et permet à ses utilisateurs de passer d’un mode réactif à proactif.

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