Axya Core Values and Culture Statement

At Axya, our core values are the guiding force that binds every Axyan towards a common purpose. Learn more about our core values.

By Elsa Souchet | Jul 28, 2021

Axya Core Values and Culture Statement

At Axya our core values are the guiding force that binds every Axyan towards a common purpose. It is the environment in which we develop our company vision and shape our actions on the day-to-day.

These core values are therefore very important and used in all-facet of the company:

  • They are used to find Axyan in the wild and select them for hiring.
  • They help us during discussion to test if an ideas is fit enough.
  • They shapes how we build the product and how we talk to customers.
  • They gives freedom to all employee to take their own decision and initiatives.
  • They signal to us when something is wrong.

Understanding what each core values means is important to have a clear picture of how we work at Axya and why we do things in a certain way. These core values are tested and refined continuously in order to describe ourselves as precisely as possible.

Core values:

Facts drives our decision making process

Putting data and context together to create facts help reduce ambiguity and leads to better decision making. We make this process the core drivers of how we work at Axya.

Do more with less

Being lean in how we achieve our goals can be seen in every corner of the organization. This allows us to go faster, with less risk and to learn immensely in the process.

Have a growth mindset

At the core of every Axyans is a deeply seated belief that through hard work, good strategies and feedback from others we can improve ourselves. This mentality is a must to have and allows us to achieve things that were thought impossible. What got you here won’t get you there.

Be radically transparent

At axya, what you see is what you get, there is no BS. Being transparent and honest is a core way of operating within the company, with our clients and amongst our partners!

Empower Others

Axyan has a deep desire to make sure that their teammates are set up for success by collaborating together and that they have what they need to achieve their goals!

Customer Centric

We deeply understand our customers and their pain as many Axyans lived their reality in the manufacturing industry first-hand. We constantly go above and beyond to ensure that their satisfaction with Axya is ever increasing.

We could write a book about Axya Core Values and details them highly, but at the end of the day, to fully understand them you have to live it!

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Final Words

The core values at Axya is the vital fabric onto which everything else rest upon. The vision, the product, how we go about entering the market, how we promote or let go our employees, all are based upon this mindset that is encompassed in the core values.

Taking the time to deeply understand these core values is one of the most important activity an employee should undertake before working on anything else. This will allow all of the subsequent work to be 10X more effective and aligned with the rest of the team!

Do these core values resonate with you ? Take a look at our career page and join the Axya team !

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