Building a Supply Chain for an Innovative New Product

A special guest from a successful tech startup specializing in hardware explains the biggest challenges of building a supply chain when starting a business.

By Elsa Souchet | Nov 4, 2022

Building a supply chain for an innovative new product

In this podcast, Yacine MahdidHamad Anwar and our special guest Ramee Mossa, CEO at FTEX will give their thought on building a supply chain for an innovative new product and will cover the following topics:

- Introduction to FTEX

- Things to consider when building an innovative product

- When is it time to think about the supply chain aspect when creating your business?

- How do you make sure you stay on top of things regarding the disruptions that happen, especially in electronics?

- What should you pay attention to when looking for a supplier?

- What are the biggest challenges when building a supply chain?

Out-of-context quotes:

- "I think the supply chain aspect needs to be included on day one when developing a new business."

- "It hurts the most when you don't have this personal supplier relationship going on."

- "Number one challenge is finding the right suppliers for your business."

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