Mentco, Inc.

15926 University Oak Suite 105, San Antonio, , United States,

Mentco Inc. is a Texas based contract manufacturer, importer & distributor catering exclusively to OEMs. We offer a low cost solution from our machining facility based in Mumbai, India. All our customers choose Mentco Inc. for the following: Cost Savings: We routinely save our customers 25% - 50% over domestic suppliers. Turnkey Solution: In addition to in-house machining, Mentco will manage the entire process from sourcing and procuring raw material all the way to export packaging and logistics. Product Reliability: Mentco is highly experienced in maintaining traceability requirements all the way from production through documentation and shipping. Experience: Over 60 years of manufacturing experience. Supplier Network: Long standing relationships with "A" Players in India for supply of bar stock, forgings, castings as well as outside processes for manufacturing. We create a predictable, recurring process with on-time deliveries and quality assurance all the way down the supply chain in More... India. Delivery: Mentco utilizes a combination of ocean freight, air freight and courier services to have product available to our customers to meet their demand and their inventory metrics. We offer Kanban Programs both from our location in Mumbai or our warehouse in San Antonio, TX. Credibility: Excellent references for our ability to deliver quality products on time. Our customers include Fortune 500 corporations. Confidentiality: We are incorporated in the State of Texas which allows for binding NDAs and confidentiality agreements. Communication/Customer Service: We are based in San Antonio, TX with business hours in the same time zone as most of our customers. Outside Processes and Third Party Testing: Including annealing, anodizing, electroplating, passivation, die penetrant testing, ultrasonic testing, Positive Material Identification (PMI) and many others based on our customer requirements. Best Practices: Engineering, Project Managers, Programming, Operations, Quality Assurance and Logistics personnel onsite.

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Manufacturing Processes
  • Precision Machining
  • Milling 3 & 4 axis
  • Lathe 3 & 4 axis
  • Machining of castings
  • Turnkey full mechanical assembly

  • Aerospace
  • Copper, brass, bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

  • ISO 9001
  • AS9100
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