Sterling Machining

2700 ft2
1260 Fewster Drive, Unit-7, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4W 1A5

Sterling Machining Servicing is a manufacturing facility, producing quality components for various industries. Our highly skilled team has over 20 years of experience in CNC Machining and Fabrication. Well maintained precise machinery, measuring equipment, experienced staff and CAD/CAM software are our assets to produce quality parts. Continuous improvement in our fully equipped facility and our best efforts to serve the customers make them rely on us. We have always kept room to improve our facility through the feedback of our business partners, which keeps us growing. We are committed to providing excellent customer service to our clients. From the moment we receive your design and specifications we strive to ensure your needs are met through our: Attention to detail Competitive pricing On-time delivery Back up service Ability to stock inventory for you if required Highly skilled and fully trained staff

Notre Usine
Nos Projets
Procédés de Fabrication
  • Équipement de métrologie
  • Fraisage 3 et 4 axes ( Milling )
  • Tournage 3 et 4 axes ( Lathe )
  • Usinage à haute cadence
  • Usinage à bas volume
  • Usinage de Précision
  • Tournage de grandes dimensions (Lathe)
  • Fraisage de grandes dimensions

  • Fonte en fonte
  • Aluminium
  • Cuivre, Laiton, Bronze
  • Spécialisation en acier inoxydable
  • Plastiques UHMW



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