Peterson Spinning & Stamping, Inc.

959 East 108th Street , Los Angeles, California, United States, 900 59

Founded by Mr. Peterson in 1934 we have been serving the industry since then and have steadily expanded our facilities for increased production capacity and capabilities. In 1985 Mr. Peterson retired and Mr. Helmut Korte bought the company and is still managing it today. Peterson Spinning & Stamping has developed unique capabilities by combining deep drawing and spinning operations to generate complex part configurations. 75% of our production consists of stainless steel components. PSS serves many different industries. The main industry being swimming pool/underwater lighting and filter housings. Automotive components: stainless steel spare tire covers for SUVs, custom hubcaps for aftermarket applications as well as air intake venturis for supercharged engines. Medical equipment: surgical lighting reflectors, cryogenic transportation, and shipping containers. Lighting industries: indoor and outdoor lighting reflectors. Defense parts: shape charge liners, ammunition components and missile More... components.

Notre Usine
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Nos Projets
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Procédés de Fabrication
  • Usinage à haute cadence
  • Fraisage 3 et 4 axes ( Milling )
  • Tournage 3 et 4 axes ( Lathe )

  • Équipement médical
  • Automobile
  • Aluminium
  • Cuivre, Laiton, Bronze
  • Acier
  • Inconel
  • Spécialisation en acier inoxydable

  • ISO 9001
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