Le risque commercial lié à l'absence d'automatisation de la chaîne d'approvisionnement

Par Elsa Souchet | 27 sept. 2022

Find out the right recipe to become a thought leader when it comes to automating your supply chain.

In this podcast, Yacine Mahdid, COO at Axya, and Hamad Anwar VP of Product at Axya will discuss the following points:

- What parts and functions of the procurement process should you automate and what parts shouldn't be automated?

- How technology can facilitate the decision-making process?

- What are the main risks of not automating your company's processes?

- Why automating processes can help reduce procurement teams' stress and burnout at work?

- How can you save time and get better visibility regarding your activities thanks to technology?

Out of context quotes:

- "If you could take all the manual work procurement people currently do, you could compare it to the very old times."

- "She was doing more than 40h of manual work just for this project."

- "Nobody like repetitive tasks."

- "Whatever is related to your ERP or external connexions should be automated in order to reduce back and forth and save a lot of time, as well as eliminate the need to do follow-ups."

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