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Axya is a software solution (SaaS) that enables procurement teams to be more efficient throughout their RFx process.

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Industry Top Challenges We Solve

Having visibility on an RFQ status is not possible
Knowing if your suppliers have seen your RFQ or downloaded the drawing is difficult with current tools.

Technical communications with manufacturers through emails are complex

From technical questions to requests for change in the design, trying to handle the back-and-forth through emails is time-consuming.

Finding new suppliers with capacity is tough
Finding up-to-date information on new suppliers is currently best done by recommendation and word-of-mouth as websites are rarely updated!

Supplier Network

Optimize your supplier’s performance & save costs

Get insight on which suppliers are better suited for which type of parts by analyzing quoting information archived over time from your team operations!

Save time

Reduce your operational time by up to 90%

Managing multiple different RFQs with many different suppliers is difficult with existing solutions. Our platform is made to handle a vast amount of suppliers at once and to update buyers in real time on their RFQ status.

make better decisions

Get unprecedented visibility on your procurement activities

Knowing if an RFQ will generate quotes from suppliers with existing systems is a heavy process that requires lots of follow up. With Axya, you can analyze the interest from your partner by viewing stats such as views, drawing downloads or quote in draft!

Easily synchronize Axya with your existing tools

Axya connects easily with any ERP system. Let our team know which system you have and we will be able to sync your Axya’s data with your ERP!

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key features

Simple RFQ creation from existing part list

Creating an RFQ from an existing part list is a simple and intuitive process with Axya. You simply need to select your pre-loaded parts, add a due date and send your RFQ to selected suppliers.

key feature

Browse characterized manufacturers profiles

Suppliers on the platform have access to an easy-to-update characterized profile which greatly helps them attract the right partners. Easily search for a supplier with the right certifications, location, machines or capacity using our built-in search tool!

key feature

Get guaranteed quoting

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to search for new suppliers, our system allows you to broadcast your RFQ, for a fee, to our whole network. We guarantee you will get at least 3 quotes!

key features

Easily Pay Any Suppliers

Paying a new supplier can be difficult if they aren’t added to your existing system. With Axya you can smooth that transition by using our payment solution to directly pay any suppliers on the platform.

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“ We had urgent needs. Axya enabled us to receive quotes very rapidly and close a contract in less than two and a half hours. This is exactly what we needed. ”
Martin Leduc
Foreman at Eagle Hydraulic