Finding new manufacturers is difficult and paying for access to databases is costly.

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We believe that finding the right manufacturing partner with the right capabilities should be a simple and painless process.

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The manufacturer's profiles are standardized and categorized so that they are easily searchable.

Whether you are looking for certifications, machines or one particular characteristic, your search will get an answer.

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Know exactly which kind of manufacturers you are looking for? You can parameterize your search with filters and shortlist them in a few clicks.

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It’s easier to search for a manufacturing partner when you can easily picture where they are and which other companies are around! This flow can be used with the filter feature to easily narrow your search!

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“ We had urgent needs. Axya enabled us to receive quotes very rapidly and close a contract in less than two and a half hours. This is exactly what we needed. ”
Martin Leduc
Foreman at Eagle Hydraulic

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