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Industry Top Challenges We Solve

Managing incoming RFQ requests from buyers is complex

Handling the back-and-forth through emails in order to get that information from procurement is usually a lengthy ping-pong game between the project manager, buyer and manufacturers.

Prioritizing the RFQs with high conversion is guesswork at best

Understanding if an RFQ is worth your time is difficult when data about how many people have already quoted is not available.

Getting discovered for your right capability is not easy

Having to update a website with a limited reach in order to get the words out on your capabilities, certification and type of work you do is not efficient and should be easier


Reduce your operational work when quoting

Our simple system allows you to get the right information and quote faster!

  • Get the information you need to quote in the same format through our templated RFQ system throughout all buyers.

  • View 2D/3D drawings directly on the platform.

  • Get the full context on your conversion rate on a given RFQ to focus your quoting work where it's more beneficial!

Increase your conversion rate

Axya gives you visibility on the right parameters to understand how likely you are to win an RFQ.

  • Get feedback on your positioning regarding the price and lead time on every RFQ you quote on.
  • Know how many suppliers are engaging on the RFQs you are engaging with.
  • Get competitiveness analysis reports from our engineering team to help you understand where is your strength compared to the rest of the market.

Easily get discovered by the right buyers

With Axya it’s easy to be found by the right buyers for your current shop capability.

Create your profile on Axya

Why wait? With Axya, you can easily gain visibility, access competition data and optimize communications with your partners. For free!


Communicate easily with the buyer’s team

With Axya, you can directly talk to project managers and engineers in the buyer teams. Direct your question to the right person and ensure that you get the right information you need for quoting!


Get invited to private network

Axya is made to simplify the onboarding of new suppliers that have the right expertise for buyers’ companies. Sign up, tell us what you are looking for and get invited!

key features

Get recommended RFQs

Be directly targeted for RFQs that fit your capabilities whenever a buyer is looking for a new partner. These RFQs will be tailored to your capacity and past work!

key features

Easily get paid by new buyers

Axya facilitates payments with new buyers so that you get paid for your work without the admin work!

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