Axya SaaS procurement solutions increases your business efficiency

Axya democratizes SaaS procurement solutions by providing businesses with a simple tool to facilitate and organize their outsourcing process for their custom metal parts.

Axya’s SaaS procurement solutions supporting Industry 4.0 transformation

The manufacturing sector is undergoing a profound transformation and technology and digitalization are at the core of these changes. These now allow you to audit your supply chain at every step of the process. At Axya, we specifically target purchasing departments with our SaaS procurement solutions.

According to a Harvard Business Review Analytics survey conducted for GEP, only 8% of companies have achieved digital maturity across their supply chain operations to mitigate disruption, meaning that having access to real-time data and visibility into their procurement process with their suppliers, for example, is not even an option. Therefore, this is exactly one of the key benefits of Axya’s SaaS procurement solutions: teams are now able to collect and view data that was previously unavailable.

Axya, a simplified procurement SaaS vendor dedicated to its customers

Based on feedback from our customers, we know that as a SaaS procurement vendor, our solutions deliver better results and enable customers’ processes to be more effective and efficient than what can be experienced with other more complex procurement software.


Axya’s mindset is to understand the fundamental problems our customers want to solve with their procurement and outsourcing processes and put technology to work for them to help them eliminate unnecessary costs and achieve better results, while improving their supplier relationship management!

Become a partner in implementing successful technology for procurement and outsourcing processes and supplier relationship management

In April 2021, the startup raised $1.5 million in funding to pursue its goal of increasing the efficiency of managing relationships between suppliers and manufacturers in their procurement and sourcing process. This start-up round, co-led by Ecofuel and Desjardins Capital with the participation of Real Ventures, allowed the company to expand its reach to Ontario, Canada and the Northeast United States. This financing allowed Axya to develop the capabilities of its platform to support the procurement and sourcing processes of companies and to develop its brand as it enters these new North American markets.

At the same time, as it expands its operations to the Great Lakes region of Canada and the United States, the company’s new name “Axya” was announced, succeeding GRAD4.

In July 2021, Axya graduated from the prestigious CDL accelerator with honours and was selected to present its innovative solutions for procurement and sourcing processes on stage for the supply chain cohort. The mentorship received by business leaders like Rhiannon Davies and Nicolas Chapados propelled the company to a new level of efficiency. Axya also went through the MaRS Supply Chain Accelerator to aid in its commercialization endeavors.

In August 2021, Axya continued to expand its presence in Ontario and the Great Lakes region and 132 companies signed up on the platform taking advantage of the supplier relationship management features, among others.

In October 2021, Axya officially launched its SaaS procurement solutions with important Enterprise accounts and implemented deeper integration on top of ERP systems, helping them increase the efficiency of their procurement and sourcing processes.

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Axya SaaS procurement solutions increases your business efficiency