Axya is not a supplier. We are a procurement software company that buyer’s use to streamline their RFQ process. Rather than sending quote requests through gmail, we allow buyers to upload their own supplier info, upload their RFQ data, and then send said RFQ to as many of their suppliers as they see fit with a single click. The quotes received are then digitized in our centralized platform, eliminating the need to work out of excel sheets. We also have our own network of suppliers for buyer’s to explore.

Please watch this short video to know more about the process.

You can find the different stages of the process on Our Solution page.

Admission into Axya’s supplier network is contingent upon:

Proof of liability insurance

ISO 9001 Certification
Shop size

Photo’s of the shop

Photos of past projects

Client reference list

Site visits can be accommodated by requests.

Yes, we use encryption to hide originating information, use a firewall to filter out malicious requests, monitor activity, and use a well-defined authentication mechanism to ensure that only the authorized user is able to obtain its authorized information scope. In short, we ensure that data at all times, whether in transit or in storage, is safe and accessible only to the authorized user.

Our suppliers are currently located across Quebec and Ontario.

Our suppliers currently cover three manufacturing processes: CNC machining, sheet metal and mechanically welded assembly. Interested in another process? Write to us, we'll see what can be done! question@axya.co

Yes, we are able to accommodate both prototype and production needs for your project.

You just need to fill out this form. Thereafter, our team will be able to get back to you quickly so that you have access to our platform during the following hours. For any other information or to see the requirements, we invite you to consult our Suppliers page.

In the event of a problem or for any other questions, please contact us at question@axya.co or by phone at 581-235-4753.

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