Axya is not a supplier. Our main mission is to put the buyer and the supplier in contact quickly and efficiently. Once you enter the contract, we are no longer involved in the following steps. However, our team always remains available if you need more support with managing production or payments, for example. We invite you to check out our premium services to learn more about our other services.

We recommend you watch this short video on the procedure to be followed.

You can find the various steps of the process on our product page.

When a supplier registers, our team ensures their eligibility by basing themselves on several selection criteria. This includes an audit of their certifications and of the state of their facility. We then keep a close eye on their performance with our customers.

Yes, we use encryption to mask the original information and a firewall to filter malicious requests. We also monitor activities and use a well-defined authentication mechanism which guarantees that only the authorized user can obtain authorized information. In short, we ensure that the data, whether in transit or stocked, is safe and accessible only to the authorized user at all times.

Our suppliers are currently located across Quebec and Ontario.

Our suppliers currently cover three manufacturing processes which are CNC machining, sheet metal and welded assembly. Interested in another process? Write to us and we will see what can be done!

Certainly! We incidentally encourage businesses with small volumes of parts needed to use our platform.

Our platform has no commitment and is free. Companies that use our platform remain 100% in control for the selection of suppliers they wish to do business with. At the expiration date of the RFQ, determined by the user, they can choose their supplier, prolong the RFQ or cancel it.

When you enter a contract, the suppliers pay a transaction fee. This fee represents a percentage of the total value of the contract.

You only need to fill out this form. Then, our team can get back to you to give you access to our platform in the following hours. For any other information or to see our requirements, we invite you to check out our supplier page.

In case of problem or for any other question, please communicate with us at question@axya.co or call us at 581-235-1606.

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