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Closing a Contract in Less Than 2h30

Learn more about how Eagle Hydraulic has successfully met their urgent manufacturing needs using our platform.
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A success story: Eagle Hydraulic and Axya

Eagle Hydraulic, a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, recently needed an urgent manufacturing request filled. They had not previously used Axya, but knew that the platform was ideal for last-minute situations like theirs.

Eagle Hydraulic had been regularly working with their suppliers in Asia, but processing their manufacturing requests usually took 1-2 days on top of an already lengthy transport process to deliver to Quebec. This process did not fulfill their company needs.

They decided to submit an RFQ on Axya and avoided having to send multiple requests to a variety of potential suppliers. Eagle Hydraulic knew that their request was in good hands and they were confident that the platform would solve their urgent need.

Eagle Hydraulic soon received their first quote and found that the sending supplier met all of their criteria.  The supplier won the contract from Eagle Hydraulic only two and a half hours after the original RFQ had been submitted.  The supplier delivered the requested parts in less than a week: even faster than the delays themselves that Eagle Hydraulic originally faced.

“We had urgent needs. Axya enabled us to receive quotes very rapidly and close a contract in less than two and a half hours. This is exactly what we needed.” – Martin Leduc, foreman at Eagle Hydraulic

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Closing a Contract in Less Than 2h30