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Our Core Values

Our values ​​are the foundations of our company.
They guide our methods and our day-to-day decision-making.

Company Level:

○ Radical Transparency and Honesty

○ Trust, Accountability and Empowerment

○ Company Success Through Borderless Collaboration

Individual Level:

○ Data-Driven

○ Iterative Problem Solver at Heart

○ Focused on the Objectives and Lean in Execution

○ Passionate, Eager to Learn and Driving Change

External Level:

○ Delighting Our Customers is the Top Priority

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are developing an innovative digital solution to optimize the subcontracting process in the manufacturing industry. In constant contact with our customers and based on the data we collect, we iteratively improve our products to best meet the expectations of our users.

Our Team

At Axya, we deeply believe in our culture and honor it on a daily basis. We want to increase our talent density and encourage everyone’s potential development. Axya promotes both personal and professional development: we are constantly looking to improve ourselves and share our learning with team members.

Our Team at Axya

Perks of the Job

Remote Company

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Unlimited Vacation Policy

Take quality free time to be productive at work.

Flexible Work Hours

…whenever you want !

Insurance Benefits

Axya takes care of you.

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