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Trusted suppliers for recurring parts

Brouwer Kesmac needed recurring metal parts for their latest turf equipment and found a trusted supplier in Axya supplier, JVC Precision.

By Yacine Mahdid | Jul 23, 2021

When Brouwer Kesmac first planned to manufacture their latest equipment in-house, they were tasked with finding the ideal suppliers to help take on the load of producing parts for their existing models.

With a decades-long history as an innovative company in the turf equipment industry, the Keswick, ON based company needed trusted and experienced suppliers whom they could rely on for their launch.
Vetting and contacting new suppliers involved weeks of back-and-forth inquiries, shop visits and research often resulting in an improper fit for Brouwer Kesmac’s needs.

Upon learning about Axya from an initial phone conversation, Christine from the Brouwer Kesmac team decided to give the platform a try by uploading an RFQ for one of the various welded assembly jobs they

Shortly after, Brouwer Kesmac’s requests were securely on the Axya platform protected by a comprehensive NDA, and the team opted on uploading a second RFQ within days. Over the next few weeks, quotes began to roll in from Axya suppliers across Ontario and Quebec.

Despite requiring multiple recurring parts, Brouwer Kesmac was approached with quotes from a handful of suppliers more than willing to join them on their production journey. Taking into account not only price, but also factors such as proximity and lead time, they soon began their
decision making process.

Brouwer Kesmac opted to contract with Ontario-based JVC Precision Ltd. located in Oro-Medonte– only 90km away from their headquarters. This connection not only successfully fostered a relationship between two local Ontarian companies, but also marked the very first contract for both parties on the Axya platform.

Within less than 2 weeks of uploading their first RFQ, Brouwer Kesmac was able to meet a long-term supplier and save countless hours in the search process– all while working locally via Axya.

To learn more about the Axya platform or upload your first RFQ, please visit our website. To learn more about Brouwer Kesmac or JVC Precision, visit their websites.

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