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Tripar Inc: Strength and Savings Through Domestic Production

Montreal-based manufacturer Tripar is an Axya supplier with experience taking on projects of all sizes. Learn about how Tripar is paving the way for Canadian manufacturing's competitive future.

By Yacine Mahdid | Mar 15, 2021

Tripar® Inc. is a manufacturer of over 70 years specializing in metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication, located in Montreal, Canada. In their 65 000 sq. ft. facility, with state-of-the-art fabrication equipment (CNC lasers, punch/laser, press breaks), over 100 presses up to 220 tons, 1600 dies and an in-house toolroom, Tripar clearly has the experience and facilities required to take on projects of varying sizes and specifications.

Standing out within the competitive spaces of these unique manufacturing processes, Tripar has faced not only the challenge of mastering the ins and outs of these processes, but also those of keeping costs and lead times down in order to compete with overseas suppliers.

Tripar Inc’s 65 000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility features specialized manufacturing such equipment such as CNC lasers, punch/laser, press breaks and more.

Metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication are required by a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, HVAC, lighting, and medical devices. Though some buyers have off-shored such processes to Asia in an effort to cut costs, the issues of long lead times, poor quality logistics issues, and ineffective communication quickly arose from far distances and varying time zones.

Especially with the unprecedented circumstances facing the world today, the advantages of Quebec-based/domestic production are more evident than ever.

Tripar Inc. recognized the need amongst their client base for an effective local manufacturer offering the duality of metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication. As a proud and trusted Canadian manufacturer, Tripar recently joined the Axya platform in an effort to reach even more clients than ever, expand their network reach, and further prove the strength of local manufacturing.

Since then, Tripar has managed to serve a variety of customers looking to both address their urgent needs that arose due to supply chain disruptions, and their pursuit for long-term local supplier relationships.

The following are two cases where clients were able to find and benefit from Tripar’s unique expertise through Axya:

Competitive, local production in record time

A client looked to reshore production of a complex metal bezel consisting of three different configurations. Using their laser/punch combination machine allowed Tripar to produce the components in a short lead time without the client having to invest tens of thousands of dollars on hard tooling. Though the initial price of this process remained slightly higher than that of working with the client’s previous supplier abroad, they made the ultimate decision to produce through Tripar due to the overall benefits they would continue to reap from working locally.

Tripar maintained these prices through managing a MIN/MAX stocking program which ensured a minimum of one-month available stock at all times. This benefited the client as they could commit to shorter amounts of stock at once, save warehouse and shipping costs, and receive their parts within 48 hours of need. With these savings factored in, the client saved nearly 15% throughout the process, despite individual component prices being about 4% higher than those offered abroad.

Specialized parts and automated equipment

Another client approached Tripar with a specific inquiry about a lighting industry component. After initially producing all other components overseas, the client decided to compare North American and overseas prices in search for the best value. Due to Tripar’s consistent efforts to lock in material prices and range of automated equipment and tooling, they were able to offer the cheapest price across the board.

Tripar’s highly-skilled team and years of manufacturing experience as a supplier make it an ideal company for fabrication needs of all sizes and specifications.

Tripar serves as an example of the sheer strength of Canadian manufacturers to provide not only lower prices, but also custom-manufactured pieces in record time. The need to outsource production abroad is nearly obsolete, and Canadian manufacturing will only continue to improve for the foreseeable future as new technologies, investments, and further support from buyers continue to grow as well.

To find competitive Canadian suppliers such as Tripar, you can easily submit your RFQs on the Axya platform. No matter how specialized your metal manufacturing needs may be, Axya’s network of 200+ suppliers will ensure that you are presented with competitive pricing , service options, and lead times in the quotes you receive. Select the supplier quotes that best serves your needs and enter new manufacturing contracts within hours of joining!

Learn more about Tripar Inc. by visiting their website at, or learn more about Axya and join our platform today!

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