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From RFQ to contract in 14 minutes

Learn more about how Kongsberg Automotive used Axya as a supply chain management platform for their urgent contract.

By Yacine Mahdid | Jul 1, 2022

As Axya continues to grow its network and expand its platform capabilities, more and more success stories arise from the incredible relationships being fostered on our platform.

Recently, Kongsberg Automotive, a world leader in the production of automotive parts, joined the Axya platform and soon began exploring ways in which they could find new suppliers for their wide range of parts.

After putting an initial RFQ on the platform, one of Kongsberg’s parts was unexpectedly delayed. Weighing their options of using their existing supplier network and placing their RFQ on the Axya network, their solution came from a combination of the two: using Axya as an RFQ-management platform.

Having adjusted their timeline, Kongsberg created a new RFQ for one of their existing suppliers, MR&C 3D Usinage. Soon, a machine shop located in Drummondville, QC, submitted their quotes and Kongsberg awarded them their urgent contract. Within just 14 minutes, an RFQ became a contract thanks to the tools on the Axya platform.

“We couldn’t be more happy to take on requests like this. A big yes. It is thanks to your customers, suppliers and team that contracts like this are possible.”

— MR&C 3D Usinage

With features such as a built-in messenger system for quick communication, a STEP file viewer to view detailed file types, and a simple quoting system, Axya can help you manage your supply chain and discover new suppliers all at once.

Check out the platform at or visit our website to learn more about Axya.

You can learn more about Kongsberg Automotive or MR&C 3D Usinage at their websites.

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