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Multi-supplier sourcing, file exchange during Q&A, adding a Supplier during the RFQ process and much more!

Release notes is a bi-weekly update to share recent product changes we have made to keep you up to date on what’s new.

This release includes Multi-supplier sourcing, improving the exchange of files during Q&A, flexible RFQ flows, and much more!

By Yacine Mahdid | Oct 19, 2022

Welcome back to another edition of the release notes!

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In this release, we've increased the flexibility in which the source-to-contract flow can be operated.

We've allowed a multi-sourcing strategy in the main flow for all clients, allowed buyers to add suppliers on the fly during the RFQ process and increased the ways in which information can be shared between the procurement professional and their suppliers.

We've also increased the number of companies available in the Axya Supplier Directory and increased the breadth of the data mining on Catia files to include engineering GD&T notation.

Let's dive into each improvement of our source-to-pay platform!

Choose between a single or multiple supplier strategy

One of the key questions to ask when creating a supply chain strategy is whether to buy from one source or more. There are pros and cons of a single supplier sourcing versus a multi-supplier sourcing strategy, we now offer the flexibility to the buyers to have the conversation and take the best decision.

This is very useful if a buyer wants to bundle lots of parts within one single RFQ, but still keep the flexibility of allocating it to multiple suppliers.

Exchange files during the RFQ Process

Questions can come up during the RFQ process and sometimes there is additional information required to be shared between buyer and supplier. You can now attach files during the Q/A process and send them over with your reply!

This additional flexibility allows buyers and suppliers to always centralize information inside their procurement flow!

Adding Suppliers during the RFQ Process

Sometimes the RFQ is not going according to plan and you need to reach out to a new supplier to de-risk your request and meet the requirements. You now have the flexibility to add any number of suppliers to your RFQ as its on-going!

Combining this new functionality with something like the Axya Supplier Directory allows a buyer to always remain in control of their procurement process!

Send individual email updates to suppliers in a single message

Update or follow up with suppliers based on the visibility of each supplier's activity. You can write your message and we will take care of making sure each supplier is individually notified!

This reduces the need to send loose emails not tied to the RFQ context from the buyer's perspective.

The “Much More” Part

Our team is hard at work to polish the product in order to make the most user-friendly source-to-pay software!

  • RFQ detail page loads in seconds for huge part list.
  • Various bug fixes and cosmetic improvements on the export functionality.
  • Visual tweak on the embeddable RFQ creation page.

🔬 Experimental Zone 👨‍🔬

Take a sneak peek at our advanced research leveraging AI and feature extraction, which fuels future platform improvement!

In this edition, our advanced research team have improved our capability in the supplier mapping, CATIA data mining and dashboarding!

Nikita and his cat hard at work!

More suppliers in the directory

More suppliers have been added and mapped out on the Axya Suppliers Directory!

Axya Supplier Directory is a powerful search tool that enables procurement teams to easily find industrial suppliers with specific certifications or capabilities within a given area.

We will be working on mapping the US next so that US users can get a good idea of their local manufacturing capabilities!

More CAD data mining!

The CAData mining for CATIA files is ongoing and we've expanded the capability of our extractor to include design notes and parts descriptions! This feature is currently being tested with one of our clients in the aerospace sector to speed up their quoting process. 

More to come!

More Data Reporting!

Data is a central part of a source-to-pay process where the sourcing analytics step is crucial to have healthy visibility of the ongoing work. We've released a flexible KPI dashboard for some of our customers to be able to track all of this in a simple-to-use interface.

(Congrats to Nikita Letov and Jinling Xing for the work on that front!)

✨ Customer Team Comment 💪

This release comment is from our Head of Customer Care Yasmina Slimani!

"This is super interesting in terms of features. The number one benefit that comes to mind here is reducing friction with suppliers. By targeting them in smaller batches or individually, buyers are not exhausting their network.

I like the idea of being able to invite another supplier autonomously, gives the buyer more control and mitigates risk and delays.

Being able to centralize communication and now share documents in the Q/A section is also very useful. The messaging feature is feeling more and more like it could replace their mailbox because it’s 10 times better thanks to the structure we have in place."

- Yasmina Slimani

If you aren't a customer already, don't hesitate to send us a message to get a demo of our source-to-pay software for the manufacturing space!

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See you next in the next release! 👋

Yacine Mahdid

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