Manufacturing: Impact of Digital Maturity on Procurement

Few companies stand out when it comes to maximizing value on their procurement methods thanks to technology. Let's analyze their tactics to succeed at optimizing their company's processes.

By Elsa Souchet | Oct 4, 2022

Why becoming digitally mature is crucial for manufacturing companies nowadays?

In this podcast, Yacine Mahdid, COO at Axya, and Hamad Anwar VP of Product at Axya will discuss the following points:

- Digitally mature: what does that mean?

- Why using technology is relevant for the manufacturing industry and why is it so hard for companies to actually become digitally mature

- Why do companies fail to attempt digital transformation?

- Pieces of advice to start a successful digital transformation

Out of context quotes:

- "As a first step, there is a massive opportunity to optimize your company's processes just by being digitally visible."

- "If you're too slow, it is just a matter of time before your company bankrupt."

- "78% of companies attempting digital transformations fail and they weren't able to get it right."

- "Start the process with the why."

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