Axya Launches its Outsourcing Platform for Industrial Manufacturing

Axya has launched its outsourcing platform for industrial manufacturing. These new additions to the platform come with design and functionality improvements, along with giving buyers more freedom when creating their parts and RFQs.

By Elsa Souchet | Oct 22, 2020 | 4 minutes to read

Axya Launches its Outsourcing Platform for Industrial Manufacturing

Montreal, Monday June 15th, 2020 – Axya, designer of a technological platform for automation and standardization of the outsourcing process, is launching its platform for the collaboration between companies with manufacturing needs and suppliers with manufacturing capabilities in CNC machining, sheet metal and welded assembly. The innovative platform offers a free, fully local and customized outsourcing service for each contract.

On the one hand, it allows buyers who are members of the platform to easily find suppliers tailored to their needs and obtain better prices and lead times, thanks to the numerous bids that come from the vast network of more than 100 Axya suppliers. Suppliers, on the other hand, can complement their regular contracts and avoid unpredictable off-peak periods that always threaten production schedules. It also allows Quebec buyers build their own local supply chain rather than have their parts manufactured by international subcontractors – a key advantage to enable the self-sufficiency of Quebec’s manufacturing sector. Companies such as BRP and Vention use the platform and are very satisfied with the results they have had.

“We have developed a solution that allows Quebec companies to collaborate with each other without making any compromise. Buyers get on average 20% lower prices and this percentage of savings has several times exceeded 40%. All this while reducing the buyers’ subcontracting process time from a few days to a few minutes.” – Félix Bélisle, CEO

About 200 buyers and 100 suppliers have benefited from the first version of the platform for several months, but the new version is taking a giant step forward in terms of design and functionality. In addition to a complete makeover of the interface, the way the platform works has been redesigned to give buyers much more freedom when creating their parts and RFQs.

About Axya Axya is an innovative technology company that standardizes and automates the outsourcing process for buyers and suppliers in the manufacturing sector. It has developed the best technological solution for all companies that have needs or manufacturing capabilities in CNC, sheet metal and welded assembly. Incubated at Centech and accelerated by Ecofuel and NextAI, Axya is financially supported by Front Row Ventures, the Ecofuel Funds and PME MTL. Axya has won several competitions and recognitions, including the “Elevator Pitch” competition presented by National Bank, the Startupfest pitch competition by PME MTL, and the Centech’s Unicorn award as the most promising company in its cohort.


Source: Felix Belisle, Co-founder and CEO, (438) 764-0800,,

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