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Our platform allows you to access 40+ RFQs each week from over 450 local companies. Check out the RFQs, determine which ones interest you and send a quotation.

All without any subscription fees or commitments. We operate on a commission model and don’t make money unless you successfully enter a contract.


Increase your turnover

Increase your sales

Expedite your business development by quickly connecting with our network of 400 buyers. Then, select the contracts that you would like to submit quotes on.

Optimize your machine time

Optimize your machine time

Easily find contracts to fill your production gaps and subsequently reduce your general manufacturing costs.

B2B Model

A B2B platform

Work with CNC, welded assembly and sheet metal buyers from across Ontario and Quebec. All buyers are representatives from trusted and established local businesses.

Transaction fees

Commission model

No subscription fees or commitments. You only pay a commission fee of 3% when you successfully enter a contract.

Become more competitive

Become more competitive

After each quotation, receive a performance report to learn more about your competitiveness. You will know where your quote ranks on prices and given deadlines.

Core Values


View buyers' details, communicate with buyers directly, and see questions asked by other suppliers.

Using the Platform


Check out the RFQs

Select the RFQs that interest you


Send a quotation

Win contracts and receive performance reports


To ensure the quality of the Axya network, we have established a few criteria that your company needs to meet before being accepted as a supplier partner on our platform.

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