A simple, intuitive and efficient platform.

Axya makes procurement easy

Axya streamlines the procurement process by providing businesses with simple technological solutions to facilitate and organize their outsourcing process for custom parts.

Why should you use the Axya Procurement Software?

Axya democratizes procurement software solutions by providing manufacturers with simple tools to facilitate and organize their outsourcing process for their custom metal parts.

The Benefits of our SaaS platform

Save time and make your RFQ management more efficient


Be more  productive with the management of your RFQs (creation, follow-ups, etc.) thanks to the automation of your processes and data centralization.


Easily synchronize data to ERPs, excels and emails.

You don’t have to copy and paste anymore! With our export functionality, your RFQ data can be synchronized in one click to your ERP software or any of your internal systems.


Get reports and analytics about your procurement process

Use our platform as a database to easily generate personalized reports or visualize precise information.

Better outcomes for everyone

Procurement team 

Axya takes care of all the repetitive and worthless tasks so they can focus their efforts on what really matters.


All RFQs information is now centralized and complete; it is therefore simpler to manage, and communication is lighter! Feedback on their competitiveness is also shared with them.

Management teams

Axya enables to collect and visualize data in relation to suppliers and the purchasing process which was until now inaccessible. By centralizing this information on a unique platform, the manipulation and extrapolation off this data becomes feasible.

Software Product Features

Axya Project Management: Axya Project Management (Beta) is an advanced software feature that provides buyers a central hub for their projects management. It enables Axya users to digitize their projects, manage requests for quotes and follow their projects pipelines.

Axya Pay 

Axya Pay is a suite of payment products that allow our customers to streamline payments for their customer jobs. In a safe and secured way, it accepts several paiement terms such as credit cards, pre authorized debit and bank transfers. By removing the friction point from the contracting process, it provides users the utmost trust from a financial transactions perspective. This feature is available to all our software users.

Axya Review System

The review system feature allows buyers to rate their experience with suppliers on our marketplace software section. Buyers can access granular data from reviews so they can take informed decisions when selecting a supplier to work with. 

The reviews are focused on three parameters: parts quality, respect of the lead time, service quality.

Axya Messaging System

The messaging system is a channel of communication between buyers and suppliers that aims to streamline the RFQ management life cycle. Powered by automated notifications, the messaging system centralizes messages to help buyers and suppliers in keeping track of the progress of the request for their quotation and orders.

Sometimes, despite all the risk management work and precautions you have taken, it could happen that your suppliers are not available for specific needs or that you just need more capabilities for one of your ambitious projects.
No problem, Axya Marketplace module is available for you with over 350 local qualified suppliers specialized in CNC machining, metal sheet and welded assembly when you subscribe to our procurement software.

A flexible Solution

Axya is particularly easy to implement: within a few days, your account is created and your suppliers added.
In addition, Axya can easily be connected to your internal systems and other softwares for an even smoother integration with your existing processes.

Are you curious to learn more about Axya e-procurement software or have fews questions in mind?

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A simple, intuitive and efficient platform.