A simple, intuitive and efficient platform.

Our network’s manufacturing capability

CNC Machining


Sheet Metal


Welded Assembly

Bolted Assembly


Meilleurs prix et délais

Production monitoring

By gaining access to a wide network of over 150 suppliers, you will have a full view of your options and will be able to reach suppliers that specialize in manufacturing processes that fit your needs, thus giving our members prices that are on average 20% lower.


Gain efficiency

With better prices and shorter delays, while also getting through the outsourcing process 90% faster with the help of the platform’s functions, you will become more efficient.

Service personnalisé

Get customized service

Your company’s needs have you considering quality, prices, and delays differently than other companies. Do not settle for a generic offer anymore. Take advantage of customized offers for every RFQ.

Protection propriété intellectuelle

Protect your intellectual property

Meet your needs safely by ensuring the confidentiality of your files.

Success stories

Operating the Platform


Submit an RFQ in five minutes


Receive quotations from qualified suppliers


Select the supplier that fits your needs the most

Axya also has

Have you ever wondered if your current supplier is competitive? When publishing an RFQ on our platform, you remain 100% in control of the selection of the supplier with whom you want to do business. Therefore, you can compare different offers side by side and select the one that fits your needs the most.

All throughout your experience with Axya, our team will be there to support you, whether it is to submit an RFQ or to get advices on selecting a supplier. We also place several premium services at your disposal, such as a production follow-up, a design service, and many others.

We have a team the works exclusively on developing our platform. Their mission: ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

Having a healthy business relationship with suppliers is crucial. That is why we select the suppliers of our network carefully, and keep a close eye on their performance with our customers.

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A simple, intuitive and efficient platform.